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SSC Routine 2021 (JPG & PDF) – All Education Boards

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SSC routine 2021 and Dakhil routine 2021 were recently published on the website of the Ministry of Education Bangladesh and Intermediate and Secondary Education Boards of Bangladesh.

As we know the SSC exam is a very important and iconic public exam. It is the end of school-level exams. So exam candidates are waiting eagerly for the routine of the second biggest public examination. Here you can easily find out the SSC exam’s routine 2021. A link is given below to find and get the routine which is published recently.

The education minister Nurul Islam Nahid declared the exam routine announcement. He also said that this year all students will do very well in the exam and the ministry will be very strict to stop exam ques out and all types of corruption in the exam. All the people have to get very hard punishment who are related to this type of evil deeds. So all the students and teachers have to be very careful about this. True talent surely gets rewarded.

Every year the SSC exam is held just before 2 months before the HSC exam. All the school’s student who is reading in class 10 they are going to be SSC candidate and participate in it. Each year thousands of SSC examinees around the country from the various country from various schools start the final preparation for the exam in 2021, the scenario is almost the same. From this page, you can easily download the SSC routine.

SSC exam routine 2021 download

The SSC exam will start from the 1st date of February month. So from the beginning of 2021, each student tries to prepare and furnish their memory to take better preparation than others. And SSC routine 2021 will help to know the exam date. Also, you can know every subject’s exam from the routine. So, the SSC examinee can easily estimate how much time they will study each subject-based.

SSC routine 2021 Image version download

In 2021, SSC examinees will join in under 10 education boards. SSC routine of 2021 of Dhaka, Chittagong, Jessore, Dinajpur, Barishal, Khulna, Sylhet, Rajshahi, Madrasha Board board was published on before 3 months of SSC exam.

SSC routine 2021 PDF version download

SSC routine 2021 download for all Education Boards of Bangladesh is now very easy. Here we have uploaded the SSC exam 2021 routine in the image and PDF format. Simply you can click on the “Download” button below and save it on your smartphone or PC. You can download SSC and Dakhil exam full routine.

SSC routine PDF Download

It was published in November 2021. In all board exams at 1st JSC exam and then PEC exam after that SSC exam and at last HSC exam is held. PECE and JSC exams are held in the November month of 2021 and SSC and HSC exams are held at the beginning time of 2021. the SSC exam is held about 3 months after the test exam.

A student who will pass the test exam only he/she can participate in the final exam. So, the student should more sincere and careful about their test exam 1st. After passing the test exam they have to take preparation for SSC also very well.

This year probably 12,89,253 students registered for the SSC exam in total. This total is 2,35600 more than last year. The most number of students are registered under the Dhaka division for the exam.

Dakhil exam routine 2021

As we know, Madrasah education is known as the Dakhil exam board. Dakhil exam also is held at the same time as the SSC exam. There is 3 stage of education level. Primary, Secondary and Higher education. SSC and Dakhil are secondary-level education. When a student obtained a JSC exam result and passed successfully he/she was admitted into 9 with a particular division.

Dakhil routine 2021 image version download



Dakhil routine 2021 PDF version download


Dakhil routine PDF Download

There is 3 division of science, arts, and commerce. Arts is now called Humanity. The student has to admit to only 1 division. Then after passing the 9th standard he/she gets into class 10 and gives pre-test, test then finally SSC exam.

In the Madrasah education board, SSC equivalent exam is called the Dakhil examination. There is also another board which is called Technical Board.

There is some difference between those boards. Many subjects may vary there. All books are given by the government which is written and designed by NCTB. But only English, Bangla, Math, ICT, and some other subject may match in each kind of board.

In general line such, and in the Science section, there is a different subject is Physics, Chemistry, Higher Math, Biology, etc.

In the Commerce section, there are Accounting, Business Entrepreneurship, Production Management, Business Geography, Economy, Statistics, etc.

In the Humanity section, there are History, Geography, Economy, etc.

In the Madrasah section, the subjects belong to Islamic History, Hadith, Quran bases subjects.

In the Technical Board, the subjects belong to practical more.

SSC exam medium

There is also 2 class of education system. 1st on is Bangla medium and another in English medium. English medium is basically English based and whoever gives SSC exam in an English medium called A level exam. But in the English medium students give their exams under the British Council. Therefore the A-level exam is also given in class 10.

So all the students should very careful and serious about this purpose. Be attentive to the study. create a routine for yourself what book u should complete 1st and foremost. Make your own routine and suggestion and keep studying seriously. some test pages and board questions of previous years must be solved. Above all always keep a healthy and fresh mind as well as give a successful exam you should maintain this all. sharpen more and more ur memory and give some exam on your own and justify yourself. you should maintain a routine according to the SSC routine 2021.

Best of luck to your one of the most important public exams in life. Give your best and try hard to get a glorious result.

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